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We welcome you to the Span Chemie

The information available on this website is the result of the hard work of the SPAN CHEMIE Team in understanding and providing the requirements of various users around the globe under one single roof.

At SPAN CHEMIE we are not satisfied with a brilliant history, but in addition with our work we have placed the Company In a very competitive position for the years to follow.

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What We Offer

Span Chemie offers more than 3,000 chemicals. Our product line focuses on unique, hard-to-find compounds to provide customers with the widest possible selection to suit their research needs.

Span Chemie reagents are of the highest purity, conveniently packaged in various sizes to meet your chemical requirements.

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Our Commitment

We believe that our commitment to satisfying customers’ expectations regarding products and services is fully compatible with our responsibility concerning the health of our employees and the impact of our operations on the environment.

We take great care to protect the health and safety of employees in view of the risks associated with their jobs. Providing regular medical check-up facility to monitor the health of our employees.

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Our Vision

"Our aim is to maintain our position as the preferred producer and supplier of chemical reagents ads as a leader in the international market, upholding our commitment to innovation and being competitive for our customers."

"Our sustained and profitable growth is based on the confidence that customers and partners have placed in the Span Chemie brand for over 4o Years."